Butte, Montana is located in Western Montana
Butte, Montana

MISSOULA, Mont. — TDS Telecommunications has announced plans to expand its services to the city of Butte. TDS will be bringing faster internet speeds and more reliable connectivity to the area. The expansion is expected to begin in the coming months and will be rolled out in phases to ensure a smooth transition for customers.

TDS Telecommunications added Butte to its construction roster, with plans to build a new all-fiber network in six Montana communities.

The company will offer 8 GBps per second instead of the 2 GBps they originally planned.

TDS said with higher speeds, downloads can take a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

Fiber optic technology allows for faster internet speeds and more stable connections compared to traditional cable or DSL options. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who rely on the internet for their daily operations and activities. The new provider’s expansion to Butte will help bridge the digital divide and provide more residents and businesses with access to high-speed internet.

TDS Telecommunications plans to work closely with local leaders and community members to ensure that the rollout is done in a way that benefits everyone. The provider will also be offering competitive pricing and plans to attract more customers to the new service.

“With people telecommuting, doing remote, you know, studying, running small businesses, it’s become an absolute imperative,” said Andrew Petersen, senior vice president of TDS Corporate Affairs. “We’ve really seen that with the pandemic, the importance of having reliable broadband has never been more pivotal than now.”

This expansion is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy and provide more job opportunities for residents and businesses to grow and thrive. The new fiber-optic provider’s arrival in Butte brings more options for residents and businesses to connect with the digital world and opens up new opportunities for innovation and progress.

TDS is currently building a fiber-optic network in Billings and expects construction for Missoula and Lolo to start in March.

These projects are projected to be completed in the late summer of 2024, with all Treasure State construction projects wrapped up by 2025.


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