Telecom workers across Maine are installing fiber-optic
Telecom workers across Maine are installing fiber-optic

LEWISTON, ME – GoNetspeed announced plans to construct a fiber-optic broadband network with Lewiston and Auburn as the focal point, set to commence later in the year.

Residents of Lewiston and Auburn can expect improved high-speed internet service, as GoNetspeed, formerly known as OTELCO, based in Oneonta, Alabama, is currently in the preparation phase for building out its network in the area. Last week, crews were seen inspecting utility lines in Auburn. The company is collaborating with utility pole owners to secure space for its fiber-optic network, before commencing construction throughout Lewiston and Auburn later this year.

GoNetspeed, an independent Internet provider serving residential and business customers in Maine, Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia, announced that in the coming months, they will release more information about their total investment, the number and locations of their planned service areas, and the availability of service for residents and businesses in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

Fiber-optic Internet is superior to cable and DSL for several reasons. Unlike cable, it provides a dedicated connection to each home, rather than a shared service. Additionally, fiber-optic uses light signals to deliver a much faster connection, which does not weaken over long distances.

Benefits of Fiber-Optic Cable Other than Speed

One of the main benefits of fiber-optic cable is that it is much more difficult to tap or hack. Copper cable radiates its signal, making it relatively easy for someone to intercept the data being transmitted. Fiber-optic cable, on the other hand, uses light signals that are contained within a glass or plastic core, making it much more difficult to access the data. This makes fiber-optic cable a much more secure option for internet service, especially for businesses or individuals who need to transmit sensitive information.

Another benefit of fiber-optic cable is that it is less susceptible to interference. Copper cable can be affected by electromagnetic interference, which can cause data loss or slow down the internet connection. Fiber-optic cable, on the other hand, is not affected by electromagnetic interference, making it a more reliable option for internet service.

Fiber-optic cable also provides faster internet speeds than copper cable. This is because the light signals used in fiber-optic cable can travel much further without losing strength, allowing for faster data transfer. This is particularly beneficial for businesses or individuals who need to transfer large amounts of data, such as video or audio files.

In addition to the security benefits, fiber-optic cable is also more environmentally friendly than copper cable. Because it is made of glass or plastic, it is not as toxic to the environment as copper cable.

GoNetspeed is growing its network to bring high-speed, 100% fiber Internet to more communities in Maine. With this expansion, residents and businesses in Biddeford, Brewer, Brunswick, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Falmouth, Gorham, Gray, New Gloucester, Old Orchard Beach, Old Town Orono, Saco, Scarborough, Topsham, Westbrook, Windham, and Yarmouth now have access to GoNetspeed’s service.


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